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Established in 2014 Projects Beyond Borders Ltd (PBB) is a company based in the North West of England. Its mission is to promote international educational collaboration, by developing International Partnerships to create opportunities for education around the world.
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PBB will develop partnerships both for revenue and capital projects, manage projects to completion, write applications for funding and support commercial initiatives that result in positive and successful outcomes. We are a company committed to ethical international co-operation and working across borders, be they geo-political, social or academic.
We are a company with over fifty years of collective experience in our field. We work with partners across the European Union, China and the Far East, India, MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
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Social Objectives

Although we are a 'for profit' company we are driven by our social objectives.

  • Developing projects which utilise innovation to create lasting social change

  • Taking education beyond physical and traditional academic borders

  • Overcoming barriers to education around the world

  • Enabling innovative teaching and learning to create lasting social change

Meet the Directors

Yvonne Farrand

Following a successful career in the travel industry, Yvonne moved into the world of further education in 1996, undertaking a variety of management roles. As the International Office Manager at Hopwood Hall College, she was responsible for setting up the division and putting in place policies and procedures to ensure College staff and systems were in place to manage international student requirements. She was responsible for the set up and management of student accommodation, Admissions, immigration advice and pastoral care systems for international students. Moving into Student Service in 2009 she took management responsibility for a large team and student support funds in excess of £1m.

Throughout her career Yvonne has placed a strong focus on customer service working to develop wrap around care and support services to improve the student experience. She has worked as an independent Consultant since 2011 with extensive experience of helping institutions of Further and Higher Education to establish robust systems and procedures to support both home and overseas students. A member of the Chartered Institute of Management Yvonne spends any free time working in the voluntary sector as an active Governor in both Primary and Secondary Education. She is a Corporate Fellow of the Woodard Corporation and a trustee of an educational trust in the North West. Within her governor roles Yvonne chairs a number of committees and has substantial experience in managing change.
Dr Allan Lawrence has previously worked as the International Business Manager at Blackburn College, Walsall College and Hopwood Hall College, where he worked to recruit international students,and develop Joint Education Projects with partners from around the world achieving income targets in excess of £1m for each college. Allan has also operated as a consultant in the field of education and training and has worked as a lecturer and manager in further and higher vocational education for over 30 years. He was the Project Manager at Salford University for the project to establish the Salford Innovation Park.

At Salford University, he specialised in progammes of training that developed entrepreneurship, creativity and business skills. He has been involved in projects with Salford and Manchester based small business NGO’s and Manchester’s growing social enterprise sector.

During most of his career he has been involved in the development and management of a large number of international education projects within the European Union, Russia, India, Africa and the Far East. He has also worked as a consultant for the European Union, assessing applications for funding on behalf of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme. Dr Allan Lawrence has been an EU Assessor for over 15 years.

Dr Allan Lawrence


Featured Clients

A selection of client projects


The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów was established in 1996 and is the largest and highest-ranked private university in south-eastern Poland. Projects Beyond Borders acts as an agent for the university helping to recruit students globally.


Organisational Learning Centre is a private Higher Education College specialising in Business and Engineering.

Projects Beyond Borders work closely with OLC helping them to development national and international partners.
Astrosat were a young company who had developed a satellite based disaster early warning system and were looking for funding to further develop and promote the product internationally to countries who would benefit from this technology. Projects Beyond Borders helped plan, develop and successfully apply for funding.

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