The mission of PBB is to establish and work with partnerships within the UK, Europe and further afield. PBB has developed projects as widespread and varied as educational projects within the Erasmus Plus programme, partnerships in Engineering such as Additive Manufacturing, Satellite technology, Social Enterprise and projects with impact that can be measured in terms of innovation, personal and organisational development, social impact and environmental sustainability.
As well as developing projects, PBB will assess and evaluate projects. This work has been carried out on behalf of The Enterprise Centre, evaluating their recent ESF project and Allan Lawrence actively assesses applications, interim and final reports on behalf of the Erasmus Plus Knowledge Alliance programme, managed by the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission.
Allan Lawrence of PBB has worked with the Northern Social Investment Group (NSIG) based in Wigan to support National 3D Printing Society (N3DPS) to become a constituted social enterprise, and in turn, worked with N3DPS to support their Covid-19 Additive Manufacturing (AM) Initiative, producing PPE for the UK care sector, as well as to care providers in Moldova, Cameroon and Ghana. PBB are committed, through their social objectives and their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to work with social enterprises and organisations that promote equality of opportunity and social justice.


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