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Organisational Learning Centre is a private Higher Education College specialising in Business and Engineering. With campuses in Bolton, Manchester and London OLC offers a range of Higher National Certificates (HNC) and Diplomas (HND’s) including a Masters Level qualification in Strategic Leadership and Management. Students can study in the UK or in their home country using Blended Learning technology.

About the courses

OLC offer a range of business programmes accredited by Pearson Edexcel ranging from Level 4 to Level 7 on the UK National Qualification Framework. Pearson Edexcel are part of the largest and most well-known international educational standards organisation, their qualifications are recognised around the world and provide credits for entry to a range of further and higher education courses either in the UK or anywhere in the world. OLC courses are designed to develop student’s business management knowledge about the many different aspects of how to run a successful business.

Alongside a range of short intensive courses delivered in the UK, OLC offer a blended Learning programme option where students can study for a UK qualification from anywhere in the World without the need to leave their home Country.

Courses available through Blended Learning:

  • Higher National Certificate in Business – Level 4
  • Higher National Diploma in Business – Level 5
  • Strategic Leadership and Management – Level 7

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a mixture of face to face teaching, online or virtual lectures and online learning.
All our blended learning courses begin with an intensive week programme where students study in a classroom with a teacher and other students.  Students study academic writing skills and study techniques to ensure they have the skills they will need to successfully complete their course.  The intensive week course is delivered as a residential in the UK or where required be delivered in country (subject to student numbers).

The main course is delivered is by a series of Virtual lectures.   A Virtual lecture is a delivered by a teacher over the internet directly to the student or group of students.  Assignments are set by the teacher during the lectures

Students will have access to a range of online resources including research materials, video lectures and assignment support materials, whilst being fully supported by their teacher whenever they need their help or guidance.

Who are the courses for

Business courses are suitable for students that are wishing to develop their business management knowledge for a career in the business world.

  • Students wishing to progress to University study.
  • Business men.
  • Employees wanting to develop their career prospects.
  • Anyone wanting to start or run their own business

Blended Learning Brochures


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          OLC Europe provides notable education, professional training and research for UK and overseas students. Our superior team of lecturers and professors use innovative teaching techniques to train and develop students in Business & Management and Science & Engineering subjects.

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